One of Our Core Commitments:

Respecting the Environment

Doing business in California means understanding and respecting the environment while also maintaining high standards, especially in the shadow of Downtown Los Angeles. National Ready Mixed Concrete Company fully embraced those environmental standards when the company built their plant in Vernon, California.

The goal from the start? Zero discharge. National prioritized conserving and managing water and washout resources, responsibly and efficiently as part of the company's daily operation.

Scott Humphrey, of Dave Humphrey Enterprises Incorporated, doesn't just see compliance, he and National are constantly pursuing environmental innovation within their footprint onsite. Humphrey says, "The idea is that all the bring-back and washout water will be managed in the back of the property. We have pits in the back that allow us to retain that water and sell it out. We have two submersible pumps that pumps water from the back to the front, to the storage area up front."

National has positioned itself as a leader in environmental standards with a perpetual goal of zero discharge because the demand for water will only increase over time.

National Ready Mix's mentality is to go beyond the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and EPA standards, seeking NRMCA’s Green Star certification.

Humphrey explains, "In the last couple of years ASTM 94 was changed to allow for recycled of water to be substituted for potable city water. We have instrumentation now that we can identify the specific gravity of the water. We can maintain and control the temperature, and incorporate that into the automation of the equipment of batching. It's actually the trend moving forward. In our scope, in our area of work, we feel that water would be the most expensive commodity exceeding cement and aggregate here in the short-term going forward."

Humphrey says that National Ready Mix's Vernon, California design is up to any environmental task, with full focus on efficiency and sustainability. "We have two plant pumps that move about 500 gallons a minute up to the top of the water weigh batchers. We're literally able to substitute city water with washout water on site. It's a sustainable, 100% recyclable operation."

National Ready Mix Operations Manager Sam Hild explains how zero discharge has always been at the forefront of National's goal, especially in a high-capacity plant that operates 24/7. "On the truck washdown area there’s folding platforms for drivers to walk up and easily clean the truck off quickly. That water, along with any water from a non-storm event, is collected and saved. It's pumped back into our processed water, and we recycle it. We've designed the whole plant to use and reuse water as efficiently as possible."

Responsibility, environmental innovation, and efficiency. National Ready Mixed Concrete Company's operational standard.

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