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Investment in Sustainable Solutions:

National Ready Mix Finds Solutions for a Changing World

As part of their core commitment to innovation, the National Ready Mixed Concrete Company is investing in new software technologies to streamline the process of designing environmentally conscious buildings.

"Suppliers of concrete face two challenges today," says Steve Lode, President of National Ready Mix. "How do you meet the demand for urban development and balance that with more sustainably produced concrete? National believes the answer is collaborating with designers early in the design phase."

To achieve the goal of lower carbon construction, National is adopting the use of Carbon Clarity™, a suite of three digital applications that will complement National's technical service department.

John Halverson, National's director of Technical Services, says he's most excited about the chance to have improved follow-up conversations with customers. "These applications will allow us to explore tradeoffs with designers at any stage in the design cycle," says Halverson. "Together, we can create optimal, lower carbon solutions that still meet all of their performance requirements for strength, workability and durability."

Project Builder

One of the key programs developed by Climate Earth is called Project Builder™. This free online tool empowers designers to quickly see the range of possible embodied carbon impacts for an entire project.

"Project Builder provides quick access to comprehensive ready mix impact data early in a project's life when time is critical," says Chris Erickson, CEO of Climate Earth. "Users can self-generate a range of mix design options, creating a base for efficiently finalizing a ready mix solution that meets all of their performance criteria."

Click here to sign up for a Project Builder account.

EPD Generator

National is the first producer in the Los Angeles market that can immediately respond to customer requests for environmental data with precise, accurate and verified environmental impact information for any mix.

Through EPD Generator™, National can provide verified environmental performance data in the form of Type III product specific EPDs for every one of their mixes.

"The use of real-time environmental impact data enables National to analyze, design and produce the lowest carbon concrete from any of their eleven plants," says Erickson. "The database supporting EPD generation is updated annually to ensure EPDs are always current with National's suppliers, materials and processes."

Concrete Designer

Concrete Designer enables National's experts to further engage with architects and engineers. This collaborative tool ensures ready mix chosen for even the most complex of projects is optimized for performance at the lowest possible carbon impact.

"We can now factor carbon and environmental impacts straight into our new mix designs," notes Halverson. "That will allow us to innovate even with our available raw materials."

Looking Ahead

National's technical team has always ensured the best use of our products with the right specifications. Now the implementation of these three new software programs will fully and accurately incorporate environmental performance into the equation.

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