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Investment in Sustainable Solutions:

National Ready Mixed Concrete Company Announces New Digital Technology to Meet the Growing Demand for Sustainable Concrete Construction

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Committed to leadership and innovation in a changing world, the National Ready Mixed Concrete Company is the first concrete producer in the Los Angeles market to implement a set of digital applications to streamline generation of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Company is now utilizing a comprehensive suite of digital applications to meet customer demand for reduced carbon concrete mix designs. Until now, architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) professionals have depended on estimates and after-the-fact carbon metrics to design and build reduced carbon projects. Today, National can generate immediate, precise environmental and performance metrics for complex concrete mix designs at any time in the project design cycle.

Working with National, these pros can build with confidence and rely on the strength, beauty, and sustainability of ready-mix concrete for the most demanding reduced carbon projects.

The CarbonClarity™ Suite is a family of innovative digital applications created to serve the rapidly emerging market for reduced carbon construction. The Suite includes these three applications:

  • National’s EPD Generator utilizes real time environmental impact data enabling National to analyze, design, and produce reduced carbon concrete from any of the company’s eleven batch plants, while also meeting stringent demands for strength, workability, and durability. The EPD Generator™ instantly produces verified, mix specific environmental product Declarations (EPDs).
  • National’s Project Builder gives users instant access from a desktop or smartphone to verified EPD data. Users enter all mixes for the project and can instantly analyze and quantify the total potential carbon impact and savings for any concrete project, at any stage in the design cycle.
  • National’s Concrete Designer enables our in-house experts to engage directly with architects and engineers to refine ready mix requirements for even the most complex jobs while optimizing performance and reducing carbon impact.

“Our company has a core commitment to lead the way in today’s changing world and we are delighted to have partnered with Climate Earth to implement the CarbonClarity™ Suite. This investment helps us become the clear leader in meeting the building design community’s urgent need for real time digital environmental data” says Steve Lode, President of National Ready Mix.

“It has been delightful to work with National,” says Chris Erickson, CEO of Climate Earth. “They clearly have the deep expertise and the production capacity to serve the complex structural demands of the Los Angeles market. The addition of the CarbonClarityTM Suite reinforces their reputation as a proven innovator with deep commitments to serve the building design community.”

CarbonClarity, EPD Generator, Project Builder and Concrete Designer are trademarks of Climate Earth, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

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