Concrete Designer instantly calculates environmental impacts for any mix, balancing performance and environmental metrics.

Consider the complex versatility of our concrete. It’s used in everything from foundations to floors, columns to curbs. And each one of those project applications require its own specific mix design.

How we combine cementitious materials with various aggregates and admixtures affects the resulting product’s strength, workability and durability; that means we have the potential to produce hundreds of different products.

With Concrete Designer, our engineers can now quickly calculate and easily document the embodied emissions of any new mix design. This system allows our technical services department to generate a report that includes the mix design and all associated environmental impacts.

This software helps us closely collaborate with the building design community a early in a project cycle. The tool is also designed to support mix design innovation by generating verifiable impact data for any new mix design that uses existing materials.

National has unequaled experience and considerable expertise in identifying the best way to specify materials without compromising performance. Now we’re adding the ability to easily calculate the cradle-to-cradle environmental impacts of our products.

A first in the industry, the National Ready Mix Project Builder™ is a powerful iterative design tool that enables architects and engineers to quickly see the range of possible embodied carbon impacts for an entire project, by application, at any stage in the design cycle.
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