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Steve Lode, President of National Ready Mixed Concrete Company, gives a behind-the-scenes tour of the Vernon, CA operation shortly before the plant became fully operational. He provides an up-close look at the various components that make up National's flagship operation located just minutes from downtown Los Angeles.

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    "What really makes this plant unique from other batch plants of older design is everything is gravity fed. There's virtually no screws to transfer cementitious materials. This is built vertical and everything is gravity fed. "

    "These beams were special made in the southeastern part of the United States. One foot of this is about 280 pounds per linear foot. These are are special made beams we had only one place could do them in the United States. "

    "When you look at the design of these bins and how everything comes down onto the belt with limited resistance on the steel itself it's primarily aggregate rubbing against aggregate. So it's going to have less of a tendency to wear your steel out like some of the old bin configurations."

    "On each side of the quad bins, we have the above ground storage which is about 1500 tons of material on each side. Each side has five individual gates and hoppers that feed to this conveyor which ultimately charges our overhead storage above the aggregate scales of the plant. Each one of these conveyors has the capability to move 750 tons of material per hour."

    "Where often times inside of a tunnel conveyor like this it can be very challenging to clean and maintain a good solid work surface for the employees. What we did in this one is we actually sloped our concrete at the base of it so when it is time to be cleaned and swept it's very easy to do and keep the walkway clean without having to reach underneath the conveyor to shovel everything will come out and it's visible on the walkway and we address it immediately."

    "Looking at this gearbox here this is actually a unique and new design by Scott Humphrey's father, Dave Humphrey and has incorporated this into the CON-E-CO design that their batch plants now they've actually tilted these gearboxes for a couple of different reasons. The primary one is to keep the oil, gear oil that's in the box in the belly of the case where it needs to be. So you have less movement of the gears on a dry run. So when this conveyor starts, it's instantly lubricated with the gear oil as opposed to typically how these boxes have rested on their side."

    "Another unique feature about this batch plant that really aids to the high production capabilities of it, it’s equipped with three individual material grizzly's. Each one of the grizzlies independently operates at 750 tons per hour and is comprised of five different conveyor belts that ultimately put the material from inbound to end of the batching scale." "

    "What we're going to have in this office is state of the art batching controls. We have partnered with Jonel engineering and we'll have the Jonel Archer batch panels that will operate both of these facilities. The nice thing about having the Jonel controls is the the amount of data and information that's available to us in real time. I can hop on my laptop and see exactly what's happening at this plant on every single load in real time. "

    "The engineering and the overall design of this facility really is quite a quite a feat and a major accomplishment. When you're looking at over 1200 feet of conveyor moving 2,225 tons of material per hour all condensed into about a 200 foot area is a lot of design work and a lot of attention to detail to make it happen."

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To order concrete from the Vernon plant please call: (323) 923-4466. For further information and to request a quote to deliver to your project, please contact your National Ready Mix sales representative or call 626-358-9690 ext. 101.

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